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About Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School

The Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School offers a wide range of fun and engaging music classes for people of all ages. Kids, teens, and adults can find a class that fits their interests and skill levels throughout the year.

For young children, the school provides classes like Music Together® and Rhythm Kids®. These classes are great for kids because they’re all about learning music by doing—playing, exploring, and interacting with the adults they love. The curriculum for these classes is really smart and focuses on helping young kids grow their musical skills.

For older kids and teens, there are a bunch of different classes to choose from. Kids aged 6-12 can enjoy Children’s Voice & Music, while those who are 12 and older can dive into Intro to Music Theory and Ear Training. If your kid is between 8 and 12, they might like trying out the Intro to Violin class. Teens who love the spotlight can sharpen their skills at the Musical Theatre Audition Boot Camp, designed for those aged 13-18. Plus, there’s an Intro to Jazz Improvisation class for kids and teens 12 and older, perfect for budding jazz musicians.

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