Children can experience significant advantages from participating in yoga sessions. These include improved flexibility, the development of physical strength, and a heightened sense of their own bodies. Additionally, yoga has the potential to soothe children, boost their ability to concentrate and lessen stress. Engaging in yoga activities also fosters self-assurance by introducing them to new challenges and experiences in a caring and secure setting, thereby bolstering their self-esteem.

The Providence area offers plenty of kid-friendly options for active fun, ranging from dance classes to indoor rock climbing spots, and even perfect kid-friendly hikes. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxing and smooth physical activity for your little one, Yoga might be the answer!

Let your children try something new with tons of benefits. Here are our top picks for kids’ yoga classes around Providence:

Where: 18 Hawthorne Ave, East Providence, RI 02914

OM Kids Yoga classes focus on healthy child development and kid empowerment for children of all ages.

All classes and special events are filled with age-appropriate poses, relaxation and breathing techniques, art, music, movement, imaginative play, and a lot of fun!

Class offerings include Downward Facing Puppies for children ages 2-4 and a grown-up partner. Children will have a blast in this class with creative movement, age-appropriate yoga poses, songs, stories, props, and the OM Kids Puppet Family!

Peace Warriors, for kids ages 7-9, emphasizes mindfulness and self-awareness through challenging yoga poses, fun and creative games, and kid-friendly meditations. Kids will learn a variety of techniques to help them focus, relax, and calm their minds, as well as build strength, increase flexibility, and improve coordination. Breathe, Love, Chill for girls ages 10–12 is a girl-power yoga-based program that focuses on inner and outer strength, finding their own voice, building confidence, empowering one another, and self-love.

The Family Yoga program is for kids ages 5–10 and their families. It consists of yoga games, challenging poses, and relaxation time.

Where: 200 Newport Ave, East Providence, RI 02916

Create Power Yoga’s kid’s yoga classes teach yoga poses and keep kids focused through age-appropriate play, acting out poses, storytelling, and vinyasa (flow of movement).

Children will learn basic yoga principles, such as the importance of compassion rather than competition, deepening self-awareness, and practicing making choices.

The kids’ yoga classes are not offered at the studio but with trained and certified kid’s yoga instructors who travel to camps, schools, libraries, and daycares to bring the benefits of yoga directly to where kids already are.

Kids’ programs offered include virtual yoga classes, storytime yoga (walkers through 5), and yoga classes for kids ages 5–12.

Where: 1525 Old Louisquisset Pike, Lincoln, RI 02865

The Woods Yoga offers Mindful Movement for Kids, a class in which kids are introduced to the world of meditation.

During this class, both parents and children participate through movement, breathwork, and body awareness.

Class starts with everyone shaking out the sillies, moving freely, and stretching. Once seated, everyone will practice deep belly breathing and experience a few short guided meditations. These practices are simple enough for children to follow and will leave them feeling calm, relaxed, and peaceful in both their bodies and their minds. The class is recommended for kids ages 4–9.


Where: 90 Robinson St, Narragansett, RI, United States, Rhode Island

Teen & Kids Yoga is tailored to kids, teens, and families.

Through yoga-based movement and breath management, students cultivate self-awareness and interconnectedness in an accepting, non-judgmental environment. The class will end with a quiet relaxation to promote stillness and a positive sense of self away from devices and social media pressures and distractions.