Outdoor Activities for Families with Kids Around Providence

There are many unique places and activities for the entire family to enjoy in and around Providence, but if you are feeling like spending time outdoors in the fresh air and looking for options, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

If you’re tired of being indoors all day and want to make every moment count, away from screens and just enjoying some time under the sun, take a look at our top picks for fun outdoor activities in Providence that you can enjoy with children! 


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Visit Lincoln Woods State Park

Lincoln Woods State Park is just a short ride from Providence, and it offers so much to do! Kids will have a blast swimming at the freshwater beach, trout fishing, playing ball, hiking, jogging, horseback riding, or just relaxing under a shade tree! This is a must for families who are in Providence or northern Rhode Island. You will enjoy scenic trails, and many other cheap and free kids’ activities!


Go on a Kid-Friendly Hiking Trail

Rhode Island is brimming with picturesque hikes, many of which are suitable for the little ones! Get ready to explore some of the most awe-inspiring areas near Providence with comfortable shoes, and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones!


SUMMER Options: Splash Pads!

With their free access, and being such an exhilarating playground experience for children, splash pads are undeniably a hit amongst families with young kids. Splash pads, usually free of cost, offer a lot of fun and require no swimming skills for kids. These little playgrounds with special water features offer children a great option for running around and cooling off during summer!

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