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Winter Activities for Kids in Providence

Winter in Providence is brimming with entertaining opportunities, both inside and outside!

With the cold winter months upon us, most of us prefer to remain indoors; however, kids can still find plenty of fun outside and inside the house.
To make sure of that, this comprehensive guide to Providence winter activities is here to provide you with a plethora of exciting options, both indoors and outdoors:


Take a Winter Hike

Take a peaceful walk with the kids on any of the many scenic trails around Providence! Here’s our guide on the best kid-friendly hikes in the Providence area. Look for those open during winter months and get ready to hear that crunchy sound as you walk on the snow!

It’s cold. We get it. You want to do fun things with the family but you don’t want to go outside. Don’t worry, there are plenty of indoor destinations that you can visit with the kids during winter that will keep everyone entertained while the cold doesn’t bother you. 


Spend your Day at a Library

Libraries are always a good idea, even more, when you’re looking for shelter from the cold outside. Providence and its environs abound with terrific libraries! Kids will discover their beloved books and revel in captivating Storytime. Moreover, parents can join in the fun with a multitude of activities.


Take the Kids to an Indoor Play Center

From toddler-friendly places up to trampoline parks for big kids and adults who want to partake in the action, there’s something for everyone when it comes to indoor play centers in the Providence area! Too cold outside? No problem. Children will feel great visiting one of these fantastic hangouts – which also makes them excellent birthday party venues!


Have Fun with the Entire Family

Not just the little ones will have fun at these locations, but the entire family! Rather than going to a children’s paradise and having adults remain on the sidelines, there are countless options for both children and adults alike! Also, check out The Best Laser Tag & Arcades in the Providence Area!


Visit a Museum

When it comes to indoor options to stay away from the winter cold but still have your kids entertained, museums are a very great option! Both kids and adults alike will enjoy discovering history, and learning about different topics such as automobiles, art, animals, and much more! These locations offer an exciting and educational day for all to enjoy – don’t miss out!

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