Robotics for Kids: The Best Courses in Providence, Rhode Island

The 21st century is packed with new technologies. We can even say that we’re, in fact, living the future with the many inventions that we could only dream of when we were kids.

Among the new technologies and inventions, there’s one that has been taking the world by storm: robotics. Today, robotics for kids is a significant trend, and children find it both fascinating and entertaining. Robot building for kids comes with numerous benefits, including honing problem-solving skills that kids can apply in many other fields of their lives.

Some cities in the US are quicker to embrace the advancements of the new world, while others are still getting there. Luckily, robotics for kids is becoming more accessible in communities across the country, and Providence is not being left behind!

Whether your kids want a break from sports and active fun or are simply looking to indulge in a unique educational activity, take a look at our ultimate list of places in and around Providence that offer robotics for kids:

The Best Robotics Classes and Programs for Kids in and near Providence


21 Towanda Dr, North Providence, RI 02911, USA


Snapology is home to many classes, camps, workshops, and more that introduce children to hands-on STEM learning. Kids will find plenty of opportunities to engage in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math learning using LEGO bricks and more! Snapology's robotics classes are designed to introduce kids to the fundamentals of computer programming and engineering.

The neighboring state Massachusetts also has plenty of options for robotics for kids’ classes and programs that can be worth the ride! Check them out!

Not a tech fan yet? There are many outdoor opportunities for family fun around Providence!

Catch up! Make sure you explore all the different activities and places for kids in Providence so that you always have plans for them!

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